Public Opinion Polls
To shape public opinion, you need to understand it. Really understand it. Clarus conducts surveys for a range of clients.

Focus Groups and Dial Sessions
Break through market clutter and mountains of data. Find the public pulse, locate message hot buttons, and identify competitive opportunities.

Research-Driven Message Development
Message development is a process–and step one is research. Clarus will collaborate with your communications staff, media trainers, public relations and advertising teams to craft and test the most effective messages for every possible situation.

Membership Surveys
If you want to know what your members, officers and board members think, ask them. But do it the right way with a Clarus survey, an essential management tool for every association executive.

Ballot Proposition Polling and Analysis
If you want to pass or defeat a ballot initiative, Clarus can be a vital part of your team.

Market Surveys and Studies
Market surveys and research studies by Clarus tackle the job with laser-like precision and provide practical applications to help you make smart decisions.

Micro-Targeting for Grassroots Programs
If you have an issue to advocate and need to mobilize grassroots supporters, Clarus will find the right individuals and groups for your campaign.

Communication Audits
Our media audits, based on surveys and one-on-one interviewing, answer these questions with fresh objectivity and insight.

Trend Analysis
Clarus can analyze media coverage and a multitude of data sources to find trends that matter to your business or organization.

Success Metrics
Leaders of businesses, associations and advocacy groups need effective ways to quantify organizational success and measure progress.